Dans le sac photo de... (What's in the camera bag of...)
We all have a special relationship with our photo equipment, especially with our camera bag.

Phototrend would like to share your camera setup. Whether you're reporting, on the street, on a wedding, traveling, the content of your photo bag is essential to the success of your images.

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Before answering this question, think about the photo gear you REALLY carry during your photo shoots. We do not want a list of all the photo material you have in your house, but only what is in the photo bag.

You must present each item on a separate line: name of each item + why you use it?

For example :
"- Nikon 16-35mm f / 4 VR AF-S: my favorite lens for  landscape, very useful thanks to its optical stabilization .. It always has its place in my bag ..."

Don't forget to mention the photo bag (brand and model), why you selected it, and the small accessories that you use (and often make the difference).

Disclaimer : links to shops to purchase this material may be added to the final article. These links can be affiliated, which makes it possible to run the site and allow us to provide an ever richer content.

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The gear must be next to the bag and not inside.
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